Your CV – Your FUTURE

The principles of good CV writing have not changed.

The employer is looking for a person with specific skills and qualities and your CV should show that employer how you match their needs.

Carefully select the specific position you wish to apply for and prepare your CV to show you are the best qualified person for that job.

Give information in short sharp statements that start with an action verb in the past tense (achieved, completed, prepared…).

Emphasise the most relevant and most recent experience, achievements and qualifications for the positions for which you are applying.


In general lay it out as follows:

  • Name, Address, Phone, email.
  • Brief summary of your working self, highlighting the elements of your experience, qualification and skills that qualify you for the position you are applying for.
  • Experience: Start with the most recent and relevant and work backwards chronologically.
  • Education, training and qualifications: Again give the most relevant and highest level first and work backwards.
  • Additional Skills and/or Achievements.
  • Leisure activities: Keep this brief!
  • References.

The objective with a CV is to get to the next stage in the recruitment process, the interview – Give Yourself the Best Chance.

– Ita Kelly, Smooth Transitions

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