Future Options

Future Options is a programme designed to assist people in coping with retirement. Embarking on this new and exciting phase in life, retirement is a time to embrace change and new way of living, an opportunity to pursue unfulfilled dreams, ambitions and interests. The methodology places emphasis on self assessment in the context of skills, strengths and interests, creating future options whether in employment, self employment or through other activities .

The Objective of the course is to enable participants to cope with the change as it unfolds, and to prepare them thoroughly for this new phase in their lives equipping them with confidence, self knowledge, and practical skills.

Topics will include:

  • Coping with change.
  • Self assessment – strengths, skills, interests.
  • Current Life Objectives.
  • Options for Occupation in terms of employment self employment or leisure activities.
  • State supports, taxation and welfare.
  • Support organisations and activities.
  • Staying healthy, fit and well.

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Creating opportunity out of change.