Dealing with change

One thing that is certain in life is CHANGE.

Coping with sudden and unexpected change can be daunting for the individual especially if it is a life changing event like losing your job.

It’s hard to realise your own potential when life deals you a blow.

It’s hard to see the future.

It’s hard to appreciate all the skills, talent and experience you have.

Building confidence through self awareness ensures individuals can bridge the gap created by change and job loss.

Learn how to explore the options, be prepared to seize the opportunities, know how to promote yourself.

Turning change into opportunity is what Smooth Transitions is all about.

Helping people find success at work, in business and in life; effortlessly moving in the direction of their dreams.

Practical and motivational training and coaching for individuals or groups


Dealing with change – job loss, career change, retirement.

  • Self awareness and skill assessment.
  • CV preparation.
  • Job search skills.
  • Interview skills.
  • Starting your own business.
  • Life Balance and Goal setting.

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“I took Ita’s course on dealing with change when I was made redundant after 19 years of service. Ita really helped me to realise that there was no point feeling sorry for myself. My life was mine alone and it was up to me to get myself organised, set goals for myself and with a good CV in hand to get back out there knocking on doors. I’m happy to say that all that hard work payed off and I’m back paying taxes again!”

– Maeve from Tuam.

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Creating opportunity out of change.